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NOTE: The pricing below is merely a guideline.

Official PayPal SealStandard Pricing
Time required for transcription and proofreading is approximately five minutes for every recorded minute. Thus, one hour of dictation requires about five hours to complete, and the presence of a difficulty factor (explained below) can increase transcription time significantly. The price basis is $2 per recorded minute, but you may be entitled to a significant discount).

The minimum charge for any job is $15.00. We offer significant discounts for volume transcription.

Volume Discounts
If you anticipate a large volume of transcription, you can expect special discounts based on cumulative hours of recorded time per month. This means that, the more transcription you need, the greater your discount. Please contact us regarding your specific needs.

Difficulty Surcharge
A 20% difficulty surcharge may be imposed for a speaker with an accent or where two or more speakers are to be included in the transcript. If we receive a job that we feel would compromise our ability to produce a clean transcript, we will notify you before proceeding with the work. These difficulty factors may result in a delay in turnaround time. The mere presence of a foreign accent, however, does not warrant the surcharge. Rather, the surcharge would be imposed only when, in our judgment, the accent requires extra time for frequent stops and starts of the recording to make an accurate interpretation.

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